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Mirror Selfie Tips & Tricks
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Mirror Selfie Tips & Tricks

Mirror selfies have become a popular way for people to showcase their style and personality on social media. However, taking the perfect mirror selfie can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you’re using different types of mirrors. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks to help you take amazing mirror selfies in different types of mirrors.


Selfies In Full-length mirrors

Full-length mirrors are great for showing off your entire outfit, but they can also be a bit tricky to use for selfies. Here are some tips for taking mirror selfies in a full-length mirror:

  • Find the right angle: Stand at an angle to the mirror rather than facing it directly. This will give you a more interesting pose and will also help to avoid any distortion that can occur when standing directly in front of a mirror.
  • Use a timer: If you don't have someone to take the picture for you, use your phone's timer function to give you time to get into position and strike a pose.
  • Play with lighting: If your full-length mirror is in a dark corner, consider moving it to a brighter spot in the room. Good lighting is essential for any selfie, and a well-lit room will help to make your photo look more flattering!
mirror selfie tips

A great example of how many elements a simple selfie can capture when you have a large full length mirror to open up the space. Show off your interior, style and beauty all in one photo. (Photo sourced from Pinterest).


The Classic Bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirrors are one of the most common types of mirrors used for selfies. They’re often found in public restrooms, but you can also use the one in your own bathroom. Here’s how to take a great mirror selfie in a bathroom mirror:

  • Clean the mirror: Bathroom mirrors tend to get dirty easily, so make sure to clean it before taking your selfie. This will help to avoid any smudges or fingerprints that could ruin your shot.
  • Find a good angle: Stand in front of the mirror and experiment with different angles. You can try holding your phone at different heights or angling it slightly to the side.
  • Watch out for clutter: If your bathroom is cluttered with towels, toiletries, or other items, try to position yourself so that they’re not in the shot, or clean up the mess before taking your shot.
mirror selfie tips

We spend a lot of time in bathrooms, so why not elevate your space with a stylish and unique mirror? Snap a great mirror selfie whenever you want in the privacy of your own bathroom. Also...your future tooth brushing sessions will thank you every time you look in the mirror! (Photo sourced from Pinterest).


Gym Mirror Selfie Favourites!

Gym mirrors are great for showing off your workout gear or your progress at the gym, they are usually more minimalistic and understated- which allows you (the subject) to really shine as the center of attention. Here are some tips for taking mirror selfies at the gym:

  • Be respectful: If the gym is crowded, try to take your selfie when there are fewer people around, some people don't want to be in your selfie! Avoid blocking equipment or getting in other people’s way.
  • Use natural lighting: Gyms are often brightly lit, which can create harsh shadows in your photos. Try to position yourself near a window or door to take advantage of natural lighting. Or bonus, some gyms have really great lighting spots as they know their gymgoers love to show off their gains, find these spots!
  • Strike a pose: Gym selfies are all about showing off your hard work, so don't be afraid to strike a pose that highlights your muscles or your form.
mirror selfie tips

After all that work in the gym, what's better than feeling even better when snapping a photo of your progress and aesthetics. Spoil yourself with a beautiful mirror selfie - or grab a friend and share the moment! (Photo sourced from Pinterest).


Get Stylish With Round Mirrors

Round mirrors have become increasingly popular for home décor, and they also make great props for taking mirror selfies. However, taking the perfect mirror selfie in a round mirror can be a bit tricky. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks to help you take amazing mirror selfies in a round mirror.

  • Round mirrors are harder to angle or work with, typically because of their shape and size! The round mirrors are usually smaller, and therefore are harder to fit whole body selfies into. 
  • Try out unique poses; just because there may be a size limitation, doesn't mean your selfies have to be limited. Get creative! Find unique poses and positions with your mirrors to really get the best photo out of it!
  • Move it outside! Because of its usually smaller size, the mirror is easy to move around, consider taking your mirror outside on a beautiful day and use the backdrop of the sky as your selfie background (an unbeatable selfie!).
mirror selfie tips

A gorgeous example of getting creative with round mirror selfies, the versatility of this shape allows you to try out fun poses and play with the placement of these mirrors! (Photo sourced from Pinterest).


Regardless of what mirror you're using, mirror selfies have been a favourite of many when taking selfies; it allows you to show off your outfit, gym progress or just look good! There are certain tips and tricks that can help you achieve the best results. By following these easy tips and tricks, you can take mirror selfies that are both flattering and unique. Remember, mirror selfies are a form of self-expression, so don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with them.

If you're looking for a mirror to really match your everyday energy, consider investing in a timeless mirror that speaks to you! And take that perfect mirror selfie! Whether you’re sharing it with friends or just capturing a moment for yourself, mirror selfies are a great way to document your life and show off your personality. Looking for a mirror? Browse our huge collection now.



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