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The Beauty of Full Length Mirrors

The Beauty of Full Length Mirrors

Full length mirrors are standouts to any homeowner, serving both functionality and style. The timeless addition of a mirror makes any room feel bigger, adding full body mirrors to your room also lends a little ease to your morning routine, who doesn't want that?

full length mirror

Why You Need A Full Length Mirror

A full sized mirror can be a useful addition to any room. It can help you make sure you look your best, whether you’re getting ready for work, or putting on a fancy outfit for a night out. It can help you see if there are any problem areas that need to be fixed, such as loose stitches, or a stain on your shirt. Full length floor mirrors can also be helpful for checking out your posture. The dimensions of a full length mirror allow them to reflect more light, meaning that they are the ultimate tool if you're looking to brighten up a room. If you want to give the illusion that your room is a lot bigger, full length mirrors are the perfect choice.

Where To Place Your Full Length Standing Mirror

There are a few different places you can place your mirror:

  • Utilise it's position to make a small room feel bigger - If you feel like your room is too small, your mirror may create the illusion of more space. The addition of a free standing full length mirror to one wall can instantly expand the room.
  • To make your life easier! If you’re always knocking into things, or have trouble seeing behind you due to a narrow doorway or small area, the placement of a full body length mirror would be beneficial.
  • Of course - as a beautiful décor piece. If you're looking to enhance your interior, never count out the style that mirrors may bring. The size of a full mirror allows for it to be a statement piece or a subtle addition to any room, depending on the style of mirror chosen (for tips - read on!).
vintage crackle mirror
vintage crackle mirror 2


Notice the differences to the interior in a subtle change of colour between The Vintage Crackle Mirror. Choose a subtle colour way that blends into the interior, or consider a bolder contrast to draw attention to the unique décor piece.


Tips For Decorating With Full Length Floor Mirrors

First of all, find balance. Standing or hung full length mirrors can be a great addition to any room, but make sure you’re not overdoing it. The mirror should balance functionality and decorative style. Ensure that you are not overpowering the rest of the room, based on the style, colour and size chosen; aim to compliment your interior space. 

Before selecting a full sized mirror, consider the style of your room, and what types of mirror styles would match it. And of course, who can forget colour. Always look to consider colours, and whether the wall behind the mirror would look good with a mirror, you never want to overcrowd a wall. Lastly, the location. Make sure you’re putting the mirror in a place that’s open, so the room still feels spacious even with the reflective surface.


hampton rustic wood mirror


A breezy example. The lightness of The Hampton Rustic Wood Mirror allows for the interior to feel brighter. With warm beachy tones, the interior space matches perfectly to allow for a bohemian styled living space. The placement of the full sized mirror reflects light into bright area.


What Styles of Full Length Mirrors Are There?

There are plenty of styles of full length mirrors to choose from. Whether you prefer minimalistic interiors or the uniqueness that vintage styles bring. Research your preferences before selecting a mirror. Here at Bargain For You, we recommend these.
  • Ornate: Ornate mirrors has exquisite frame details that will impress your guests, highlighted with lavish designs on its frame.
  • Arched: Arch mirrors are modern, simple and timeless. Offering a unique shape for those who want something fresh.
  • Beveled: Refer to mirrors that have cut angled edges, giving mirrors a framed-edge. This style gives the mirror an embellished look to further highlight the frame.
  • Baroque: Detail defined with elaborate carvings in the frames of the mirror. Sophistication oozes out of these designs. 

How to Choose a Good Quality Full Length Mirror

  • Materials - Make sure the mirror is made from a sturdy material that can withstand daily use. A good quality mirror will last for years to come, look for materials such as steel instead of Aluminum (continue reading for Studio Arch Mirror Steel Mirror).

  • Design - Consider the design of the frame, and what it will look like in your interior space. Keep an eye out for the varying shapes mirrors can come in, including round and oval mirrors.

  • Style - Consider the style of the mirror, and how well it matches your space, think about colours and your favourite interior décor looks. Navigate through the style category on Bargain For You to find a style that resonates with you.

  • Brand - A brand you know and trust can help you find a high quality product, at Bargain For You we have a number of experts to help guide your choice and advise on what mirror would be best suited to you.

 Gold Arch Mirror - Bargain For You


Consider the timeless design of a classic arch mirror. Bargain For You Studio Arch Mirror will elevate the look of any interior.

The Studio Arch collection comes in 3 colours; white, black and gold. In both standard and large sizing. With a 100% steel frame weighing over 20 kilograms, this mirror doesn't compromise on quality. Use this mirror as a leaner or mount it on a wall. The solid steel mirror is priced at $298 and $398, a bargain for an elegantly designed luxury mirror. 

Final Words

Full length mirrors are a decorative piece that can also come in handy. Consider adding one to your home, and make your everyday routine a little easier. With a little forethought, you can make sure you’re always looking your best whilst sprucing up your home with a statement piece that is sure to shine. You can always choose the perfect mirror for your interior on our website, you can see the list of our products in our catalog. Good luck with your design decisions!



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