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Choosing a Mirror For Your Interior
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Choosing a Mirror For Your Interior

A mirror, in its many forms, is one of the most dynamic pieces of décor anyone can own. The mirror is anything but limited. Coming in endless shapes, sizes and styles it generates a varied sense of style, solely dependent on the mirror style you decide on. 

If you’re overwhelmed with all the options when it comes for picking the right mirror for you, you’ve come to the right place. Between the look of antique mirrors, decorative mirrors and modern mirrors. We’ll delve into the differences between the primary mirror décor styles and their highlights in your potential interior space.

What mirror styles can I choose from?

Baroque - One thing to be sure about baroque mirrors is that they will never go unnoticed. Baroque style mirrors frequently combine elegant mouldings and dramatic carvings, aligning the frame with elaborate designs throughout. When choosing a baroque mirror, ensure you’re selecting one with timeless designs; where carvings are not entirely dramatic. This elegant mirror style is easy to fall into ‘tacky’ aesthetics where its designs are overdone. This mirror is styled best with a classic palette, frequently seen in vintage gold or antique silver. 

Our gorgeous Arched top baroque mirror standing pretty in antique gold, the detailing in this mirror is lavish and grand. Perfectly used as a leaner due to it's carved legs that elevate the mirror just a little bit more. 


Ornate - Often combined or intertwined with the baroque styling of mirrors, ornate refers to the stylised pieces that decorate mirror frames. Similar to baroque, ornate mirrors come in different carvings and designs. Often appearing to be more visually dramatic than their counterparts. If you’re looking to make a statement, this is the style for you. No other mirror style quite lives up to the splendour that ornate mirrors carry within an interior. Most frequently used in beauty salons and grand interiors.

Whilst ornate mirrors can frequently be combined with baroque mirrors, this Leonora mirror is a classic example of an entryway mirror going beyond what it initially was. This isn't a bestseller for no reason, it's rich designs allow for any interior space to shine (Only $169 now!).


Contemporary - The beauty of contemporary mirrors is that they belong to the present. Effortlessly clinging to modernity without trying. Contemporary mirrors will never go out of style, timeless, simple and understated pieces. This style is highly favoured in classic interior designs, their bold shape and elegant curves are clean and simplistic without trying. Contemporary classic mirrors shine in any interior, uplifting any space with class and high end aesthetics. Mirrors in this style are the perfect selection to be the focal point of an interior, or pair them and bring forth more of a statement. 

The Contemporary Classic Thin mirror in gold is an effortlessly chic piece. With it's polished edges and minimal linings, this mirror is all about the subtleties whilst still calling for your attention.

Decorative Mirrors - The standout highlight of a décor mirror is that they were made to combine the functionality of a mirror and decorative designs. Decorative mirrors are exactly what you expect, serving as an artistic piece to any interior depending on your choice. Often, they are littered with unique designs that make the mirror go beyond a reflection. This mirror style can shine alongside many other mirror styles, however, the key takeaway is that it catches the viewer's  attention. 

Decorative mirrors come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and mirror styles. View the picture from Bargain For You's showroom and see the differences that small changes in similar shapes can bring towards a mirror aesthetic. It's always important to reimagine the mirror in your space, identify what exactly it would bring to your interior. 


What’s right for you

Everyone has their own preferences in everything, from our favourite foods all the way down to what mirror we love the best. At the end of the day, make sure you’re choosing a mirror that YOU love. Now that you know all of the primary mirror styles, you are better equipped to begin your search to find a mirror that you adore in your own space. 



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