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Using Mirrors For Businesses
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Using Mirrors For Businesses

Mirrors are an essential piece in any space, completing the look and feel of any interior. What some might fail to realise is the immense value that a mirror may bring, between functionality and aesthetics. With the use of mirrors, go beyond enhancing just your home. Improve the atmosphere of your business with the addition of a mirror.

No matter what business you are in, there is always a place for a mirror. Get clever with their placements and watch what happens to the space. Noticing that some areas feel a little bit cramped? Reflect light and open up the room with a mirror, extend your store and the overall customer experience!

Why should I get a mirror for my business?

There are a number of businesses that come to mind when we think of mirrors being a necessity; salons, hairdressers, retail stores and many more. However, when looking beyond the obvious - there's almost always a reason to use a mirror when exploring business décor. 

  • Mirrors can really brighten up a space, adding to improved ambiance.
  • The aesthetics of a mirror can be a visual aid to any business, positioning your mirror exactly where it may reflect a highlight of your commercial space.
  • A great point especially for a more commercial business, a great mirror can be a starting point for user generated content from anyone coming into your firm - taking selfies and tagging your business on social media platforms.
  • Modern styled mirrors with clean lines can enhance an interior, making it feel more upscale and luxurious.
  • If you need décor that takes up more space, and can really fill up any openness in a room - choose from tall mirrors, wall mirrors or even large mirrors that can dominate a space.

Read on to find out how your business can benefit from a mirror that is best suited to what you’re looking for.

new york loft mirror

Lots of wall space and don't know what to do with it? View the New York Loft Mirror thriving as a triple rather than a single! Consider any unused spaces in your business, and how a mirror may significantly improve the look of it.

Redirecting Attention

In the age of social media, customer photographs are invaluable to a business. Highlighting consumers visiting your store and providing third party traffic to your business without any investment. Think of a mirror as consistently providing your business passive value. A beautiful mirror grabs the attention of any space, and even goes further by providing customers with the option to interact with the mirror. This may sound interesting to most, however reflect back to all the times you’ve seen a mirror used as a photo opportunity on social media. A great mirror is a statement piece that lends itself to functionality. So the next time you’re looking to make your business more immersive, think back to the possibility of investing in a mirror!

large studio arch
Bargain For You customers shot of the beautiful large studio arch mirror in black. Notice how the mirror becomes a centerpiece for the room, providing a purpose to a previously empty wall. Think about the usage of this wall now, with people checking their appearance and taking outfit photographs!

Make your space look more professional 

Some people may fail to see the vast amount of options available when purchasing a mirror, there are endless options to choose from instead of just plain mirrors. There are numerous types of mirrors, with a number of mirror sizes available. Select a mirror depending on the style of interior you’re aiming for and how you want those within the space to feel. 

If you’re aiming for intricate detailing, providing a lavish atmosphere; consider the style of baroque and ornate mirrors, these are most often used in beauty salons and spas. Visually, large antique mirrors are frequently used as leaning mirrors.

Considering a more high-end goal? Contemporary mirrors or steel framed mirrors are a great asset. Sleek modern mirrors offer a professional and refined take on an interior. Consider exactly what statement the mirror selected is calling for, and whether this aligns itself with your business.

studio arch mirror

A perfect example of a local small business utilising our studio arch mirror in gold to liven up the environment of their beauty clinic. The blank wall now matches the clinics interior style, not being too distracting or too barren. 

Extend the room through a mirror

When considering what businesses frequently choose to utilise the addition of a mirror, gyms and beauty salons tend to come to mind first. For obvious reasons directly associating to the functionality that they retain. However, you won’t find any absence of them in a majority of high end offices and hotels, especially those of contemporary design. Largely due to the professional characteristics they tend to carry into interiors, mirrors are heavily favoured by interior decorators. They are brilliant to extend an area, generating an expansive feel, significantly stretching the feeling of a room.

Along with this, mirrors are exactly what businesses may need when trying to minimalise visible imperfections. Cover up dark corners, awkward spaces and any visual errors that may be on walls. 

arched mirrors
Dark corners? Awkward spaces? Arched mirrors are just what your business needs. Note how much value this mirror brings into its interior space. Allowing customers to enjoy both its functionality and aesthetics. 


What are the different types of mirrors my business can choose from?

There are a number of details to pay attention to when choosing what mirror to buy and invest in. From a mirror frame details, colouring, size, shape and even perimeter.

  • Small, medium, and large mirrors can be fabricated with non-standard dimensions.
  • There are traditional mirror shapes that are easy to find in most mirror styles, those being round, square, and rectangle. If you’re choosing something more modern, common shapes are half circle, teardrop and even custom designs.
  • After you’ve settled on a style of mirror, consider the placement in your business; whether hung flush against a wall, as a leaner or even creating a mirror mural as a decorative instalment. 
  • Most mirrors can be hung horizontally, which people tend to forget; this opens up a whole new window to interior decorating with mirrors. 


Whether your business needs something to attract more consumers, enhance its environment or are looking for that final missing piece in your business. Consider the many options of mirrors, between full length mirrors and wall mirrors - small mirrors and large mirrors. The selections are endless. With all the mirror styles available, there is no question you will find the perfect fit for your business.

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