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10 Expert Tips & Tricks You Should Know Before Decorating With Mirrors
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10 Expert Tips & Tricks You Should Know Before Decorating With Mirrors

There are many reasons why mirrors are a beloved asset to many interior decorators. While mirrors may be most frequently used to check your appearance and take your favourite outfit of the day photos–mirrors can do wonders to your interior spaces! Mirrors have come a long way, now made in all different shapes, sizes, styles and colours. Before you start shopping for your mirror, we recommend our 10 mirror décor tips.

From antique mirrors to contemporary styles, there is bound to be a mirror best suited to your interior. But selecting the right mirror is only the tip of the iceberg. Mirrors can give you and your interior space more functionality, choose to go simple, or style it up with a statement mirror that could end up being the centerpiece of your décor. 

Here are our best tips for decorating with mirrors.

Don’t Shy Away From Using Mirrors in Small Spaces

Mirrors have great usage in smaller spaces, fundamentally being able to reflect light into dimmer areas within a room. If your space is feeling a little small and cluttered, mirrors are a great way to open up that space and make it feel bigger–no matter the mirror size! If you don’t have the space for a full-length mirror, consider an oval or round mirror that could be hung.

oval or round mirror

A beautiful entryway space working intertwined with our simple round mirror, this understated design does exactly what it needs to! Without crowding the space or drawing too much attention. Think for a moment how this space would look without the addition of this round mirror... Very different! 

Aim To Compliment Your Space

You should always be aware of your interior style and how a mirror can add value to its surroundings, it’s advised to position a mirror opposite the room's entrance. This is highlighted as a “greeting technique”, which is utilised to make narrow entryways feel wider and more expansive. Although most of us would have a general idea of where to place our mirrors in our homes, explore different options before settling on one–as simple as changing from a leaning floor mirror to mounted on the wall.

 leaning floor mirror

In this interior, it's all about being light and bright! With beachy tones, this interior space needed a mirror to work well with its surrounding elements. A perfect example of when a leaning mirror is needed both stylistically and functionality, this mirror placement reflects bright natural light into a dimmer hallway that has no windows. 

Antique Mirrors Can Add Dimensions To Your Interiors

Antique mirrors have stayed effortlessly in fashion for a number of reasons, they take mirrors to a different level of interior design. From large antique mirrors to more subtle antique finishes on mirrors, they always attract the eyes of onlookers. If you want to make your interior more interesting, choosing an antique mirror is the best way forward. From intricate detailing on the mirrors frame, or antique carvings that are detail oriented– you will never get tired of looking at your vintage styled mirror.

Vintage Crackle Mirror

 This beautiful Vintage Crackle Mirror is an amazing example of how a mirror can take your interior to the next level. Instead of just being used for functionality, this mirror attracts those around it to view its intricate details.

Always Check The Mirror Reflection

A common mistake of mirror décor is forgetting to check the reflection of a mirror, a mirror typically highlights space in your room–it’s crucial to ensure that you’re not reflecting crowded or less appealing areas of your interiors. Full-length mirrors when placed in bedrooms are often reflecting empty walls or closet doors, consider positioning your mirror so that you get more elements out of its reflection.

 bestselling arch mirror

This bestselling arch mirror is a classic piece, matched beautifully with the minimalistic black railing features of this customers interior. Whilst the wall space behind the mirror is small, this mirror doesn't seem unfitted due to the opposing empty space and natural light that is pouring into the room--reflecting a more visually open space rather than any cluttered areas.

What About a Mirror Wall?

Mirror décor has sprouted into a brand new genre of mirror walls, where a combination of mirrors are placed together to create a large wall of mirrors. You can choose to offer spacing between the mirrors or place them compactly together. This new alternative is a great way to accomplish the feeling of generating just a little more square footage in your room. This technique is often used in areas where there are no windows–such as the basement or a dimmer hallway. Next time you’re wondering what to do with your barren wall, consider the potential of a mirror wall!

Mirror Wall

A great example of how to elevate an empty wall! Using our New York Loft Mirrors--these gridded mirrors are perfectly positioned to reflect the light pouring into the room, whilst transforming a blank wall into a gorgeous modern design feature.

Should I Hang My Mirror?

When purchasing a full-length mirror, a lot of our customers come to us and ask whether they should hang their mirrors or use them as a standing mirror. Before choosing to mount your tall mirror, consider the furniture in the surrounding areas. Often when a mirror is mounted on the wall, elements that are placed on the floor such as a plant or lamp don’t blend aesthetically combined with the mirror. Similarly, hung mirrors are often utilised best in hallways, ensuring that they are out of the way and flat against the wall. 

New York Loft Mirrors

A gorgeous example of our Entryway Mirror, typically used as a floor leaning mirror has been given new life! Mounted in a customers dining area, it is visually gorgeous and aids in opening up the space.

Fireplaces and Your Mirrors

In many homes, a fireplace tends to be a beautiful focal point of the living room– whilst fireplaces don’t tend to be lit outside of colder seasons, it is a great idea to add a framed mirror above the mantel. This strategic tip is frequently used by interior decorators, helping to draw attention to the décor on the mantel and utilising the previously empty wall space. And remember to always make sure you’re not hanging your mirror too high above the fireplace, as this can generate some awkward spacing–always make sure to test and be sure before securing a mounted position! 

Explore Untraditional Mirror Styles

Mirrors have come a long way from what we’ve come to know, mirror shapes have evolved to more abstract options; presenting themselves more as decorative pieces rather than mirrors you use for functionality. Explore and discover new mirrors, where tinted or antique glass effects could offer you another decorative element–or even opt for an ‘irregular’ or abstract mirror, a new trend within the interior design space. 

Untraditional Mirror Styles

One of our latest European arrivals demands a double take, this interesting design serves less functionality--but lots more fun! Abstract mirrors are making way within the interior design community, so be on the look for these new shapes and formations.

Is Bigger Better?

The answer to this question is based on a number of factors. Depending on your space, you should note that bigger is often better if you have a large enough wall– when you upsize, your mirror becomes a statement, creating a more dramatic space that visually expands the area. But this doesn’t mean that a small mirror doesn’t have a strong impact, smaller mirrors are invaluable for creating more intimate feelings within the interior space. You don’t want to drown your interior with a mirror, always remember that a mirror should enhance the space around it.

rounded contemporary corner

In this case, bigger is most definitely better! This rounded contemporary corner mirror stands tall at 2 meters, and is an invaluable asset to this living space. The mirror brings forth both design elements with its sleek design whilst also reflecting light towards darker areas.

Consider Overlapping Your Mirrors

Sometimes, two is better than one! If you’re looking for ways to add visual interest to your room, overlapping mirrors can give you more dimensions with lines and shapes. There is no limit to whether two of the same mirror is better, combine options and see what works best for you and your space. Often, interior decorators select the same mirror style in varying sizes, creating more of an emphasis on its decorative nature, rather than just being a mirror. Consider two round mirrors overlapping one another in different styles, or highlight the dramatic influence two larger full-length mirrors can carry into your space.

               Contemporary mirrorsContemporary mirrors

Contemporary mirrors are gorgeous pieces that shine alone, in pairs, or even combined with more. Have a look at how a combination of 3 sizes creates a more artistic piece--whilst a single mirror in a corner can bring plenty of functionality when reflecting the right space. 

As always, there are no limits to what you can do when decorating your interior spaces. Look at your surroundings for inspiration, or even let your mirror selection spark ideas to decorate your home. Decorating with mirrors are a fun and imaginative process, so let our tips guide you through the experience and selecting the right mirror for you!



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