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The Best Cheap Full-Length Mirrors
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The Best Cheap Full-Length Mirrors

Have you been looking for the perfect full-length mirror? As someone who loves taking outfit of the day pictures or checking on your appearance, mirrors can elevate this part of your routine tremendously. We've lined up our most affordable best seller mirrors in Melbourne, at a guarantee top quality for you. 

1. Leonora Ornate Mirror in Gold
leonora ornate mirror

The Leonora Ornate mirror is a beautiful decorative piece, with intricate detailing. Lining the entire frame from top to bottom. Available in both silver and gold, this mirror is only $169 at Bargain For You. This mirror is for those who want more drama in their interiors, straying away from a simplistic look. This mirror is perfect for mirror selfies, drawing attention from onlookers to the mirror itself, and of course; the subject (you!). This mirror works best as a free standing mirror, however choose to hang it vertically or even horizontally if you prefer.

2. Vienna Ornate Mirror in White

vienna ornate mirror in white

The Vienna Ornate mirror is the epitome of elegance, with understated carvings giving the mirror finer enhancements to those noticing further. This tall mirror stands at 182cm, perfect height to be used as a leaning mirror. This mirror works best in light and bright interior spaces, serving as a focal point. This mirror is of a gorgeous standard, imported from Europe and made of solid wood. The lowest price you will see this mirror with us, $249!

3. Modern Entryway Black Braided Mirror

modern entryway black braided mirror

If you are looking for affordability, our entryway mirror collection is perfect for you. These full-length mirrors come in all colours and styles, making it easy for you to find the perfect mirror. From light colours, different textures and even different patterning on the mirror frames; match your interior perfectly. This bold black mirror is able to define any space, when looking closer however, notice it's beautiful braided textures; lining the frame in addition of another dimension. All mirrors within the entryway collection are under $169.

4. Mosaic Entryway Dark Wood Mirror

mosaic entryway dark wood mirror

Another gorgeous mirror from our entryway collection. A brilliant example of how the same mirror, in a different style can be drastically. If you're in love with warm tones, this woody mirror is giving us everything we need. The patterns between dark to light wood between its elevated frame brings a more bohemian feel. Choose a mirror that will stand out in your space with this wooden mosaic mirror. At $169, this mirror is priced at a bargain for you. Pair it with some beautiful green potted plants to really make your space feel like a boho heaven.

5. Modern Entryway Mirror in Distressed Beige 

 modern entryway mirror in distressed beige

We love this shot of our distressed beige mirror blending perfectly into a customers interior. When choosing a mirror, a feature that can really bring in more quality to the mirror is more dimensions in its frame. What does this mean exactly? When taking a closer look at this mirror, notice how its frame isn't just flat. The varying lines, textures and heights within the frame itself allow for the mirror to stand as a decorative piece. This distressed frame is gorgeously lined up to reflect light coming, shooting light towards a darker hallway. 

No matter your price point, we have a mirror for you. Don't spend hundreds or even thousands on a mirror. At Bargain For You, we're bringing Melbourne affordable luxury mirrors. When choosing an affordable mirror, make sure you know its built to last. With a strong frame and high quality glass, despite our bargain prices; our promise is to never sacrifice quality. Browse our full collection of affordable mirrors now - I recommend starting with the Entryway Collection!



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