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Styling Tips for Mirrors in Your Interiors
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Styling Tips for Mirrors in Your Interiors

Are you wondering what type of mirror would suit your interior best? There are small differences that can go a long way when selecting a mirror. Mirrors are simple and easy décor pieces that bring plenty to any space. However, with correct styling and placement; they can elevate your interior even further. Whether your mirrors are leaning or hung, there is always a mirror for you.

gorgeous modern entryway mirror

A gorgeous modern entryway mirror bringing simplicity and light into an interior. This entryway mirror collection allows for you to find your perfect mirror match. Browse the full collection here.

Using mirrors for open spaces

For wide open spaces, opt for a larger sized mirror. A great option is full-length mirrors, styled as a wall leaning mirror or even hung slightly off the ground for a structured aesthetic. Vast areas can be awkward when choosing furniture to position within them, with empty spacing allowing interiors to feel barren. A full-length floor mirror is the most popular choice for these situations, a large arched mirror or decorative mirror can effortlessly fill awkward spaces. Bringing attention from peering eyes to a more beautiful piece whilst furthering the illusion of filled space. 

large arched mirror
Otherwise an empty wall at the top of a stairwell, is now elevated perfectly. Reflecting the light pouring in from the window, with it's polished black edges matching the interior space perfectly. This large arched mirror shows us how easy it is to spruce up your space without doing too much.


If you’re looking for something more modern with more decorative features, grouping smaller mirrors together enhances the artistic characteristics that wall mirrors may bring. Never be afraid of trying new placements and styling, there is always something to be learned from creativity. Don’t feel as though these placements are permanent, move things around! Try everything you are open to before making a final decision on your mirror placement. Our biggest mirror tip is sticking your mirrors to the wall before nailing them on! Play around with the look and feel of your mirrors. 

Lighting and mirrors

The most important factor to take into account when styling your mirror is the lighting. Note where the light is pouring into the room from, and where you would love to bounce light towards. Well positioned mirrors are the key to playing with light and creating a more well balanced space. Mirrors work to highlight your favourite parts of your interiors, whether that may be a reflection into the outdoors or decorative features within your home. Never place your mirror in a cluttered area, where the mirror may fade, and instead highlight less appealing features in your home; such as a messy shelf. 

entryway mirror

An entryway mirror is the perfect size in most small to medium living spaces ($169). With over 12 styles and colours to choose from, Bargain For You makes it easy to find the perfect mirror for you home at the perfect price. Paired with a potted plant, this interior is lovely to look at!

Our three key tips when deciding on how to style your mirror.

  1. Place smaller wall mirrors around head height, not too low or too high!
  2. Large full-length mirrors are glorious when opposing a window, bringing the outdoors into your interior space.
  3. Ensure there is enough area for the mirror to breathe in all of its wonder, never overcrowd its area or place it on a wall too small for its size.

These three tips, although may sound simple, go a long way. Playing with these tips allow you to feel more comfortable with how to style your mirror. Trusting yourself to get more creative and playful with the next steps. Always choose a mirror that matches and elevates your interior, find a mirror that adds to your space - rather than taking anything away from it (read more here!). However you decide to style your interior with a mirror, trust these tips and your aesthetic eye.



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